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Join Our Therapist Directory 

In the short seven months since launching The Sisters’ Couch we've gained a following of more than 1,500 women through social media and face to face engagement .The Sisters’ Couch has hosted three sold out events and has been able to facilitate the connection of potential clients with therapists in the Metro Detroit area. The  goal of The Sisters' Couch is to help eliminate the stigma related to mental health in the black community . One of the ways we do this is by creating direct relationships with therapist of color.We are in the process of building our therapist directory and would love if you would join!

Whats the return on my investment ?

  •  Exposure to over 1,500 (and counting) potential clients

  • The directory is mentioned at every in person event and continually on our social media outlets

  • Special feature on our social media pages

  • Opportunities for you to have face to face interaction with potential clients


I have more question
Please feel free to email us at 

What if this is not for me right now?
That is completely okay! Just do us a favor and share it with your professional circle . You can also follow us on social media!

What is the cost of the investment? 

The cost of the investment is $200 billed annually. 

How do I get started ? 

Simple, email

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